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Hello Eco assists business customers in selecting the best "green" lighting solutions. LED lighting is the latest technology that offers several benefits over other options.

LEDs Offer More Efficient Technology than Incandescent Lights and CFLs
LED bulbs are lit solely by the movement of electrons. Unlike incandescents, they have no filament that will burn out; and unlike CFLs, they contain no mercury or other toxic substances. Proponents say LEDs can last some 60 times longer than incandescents and 10 times longer than CFLs. And unlike incandescents, which generate a lot of waste heat, LEDs don’t get especially hot and use a much higher percentage of electricity for directly generating light.

Hello Eco's Eco-Friendly Lighting Service
Selecting the right lighting solutions for your business is not as easy as walking into the local hardware store. Hello Eco works with clients to customize the best lighting solutions. Our solutions take into consideration the following:

Color Temperature

Beam Angle / Spread



Lumens / Watt


Schedule a no cost eco lighting assessment today. We will provide a complete ROI review for the best eco lighting solutions for you.

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